DLC/PVD Projects

Breitling with matte DLC coating

PVD is an abbreviation for Physical Vapor Deposition. A solid material is selected to coat a base metal or substrate surface. That material is vaporized and deposited on the base or substrate material, bonding molecularly with the base material. PVD is very durable and attractive as a watch case and bracelet finish. 

  • We offer the StealthMaxx DLC finish, which is black, and StealthMaxx TiAINitride, which is a medium dark gray.
  • This service is available for weapons parts also.
  • The finish does not interfere with threading tolerances or tension fit parts. Your watch or weapon will reassemble perfectly.
  • The StealthMaxx finishes will not affect etchings, engravings, serial numbers etc.
  • The finish will not flake or chip like baked-on polymers.
  • We can beadblast your parts prior to coating if you wish.